Estate planning

At CA México Asesores Patrimoniales we manage our clients’ wealth with the aim of achieving competitive returns in accordance with their investment profile. We seek to establish a constructive, trust-based dialogue that enables us to add value to our clients’ current and future wealth.

With this aim in mind, we develop strategies and profiles that are consistent with our clients’ investment objectives. Our professionalism and rigorous investment methods have enabled us to achieve sustained results over time.

  • 1
    First interview with the client
  • 2
    Client analysis
  • 3
    Defining the client’s objectives
  • 4
    Defining the client’s profile
  • 5
    Assessing and defining a financial strategy
  • 6
    Regular visits

We initiate the relationship with an interview to discuss the client’s expectations.

We review and define the client’s risk profile and their personal requirements.

We manage our clients’ assets and financial objectives in a way that is fully consistent with the vital needs and the business, family and personal expectations of each client.

We define the client’s risk profile in accordance with their needs and their level of tolerance to risk.

We design and plan a personalized financial strategy using a wide variety of investment options, which, once implemented, will be reviewed and monitored regularly.

We offer our clients the possibility to monitor the status of their investment and keep up-to-date through regular visits.

Our top priority is to look after our clients’ wealth and seek returns in a responsible manner, i.e. by observing a level of risk that is consistent with each client’s profile.

Our philosophy is based on the selection of businesses that offer good fundamental prospects and sound management and revenue generation capacities, but whose share price trades at a discount relative to its value. We focus on a value investment profile without neglecting the capital preservation objective.

We conduct an internal and market review of a large number of companies that meet our criteria in terms of diversification, leverage, cash flow generation, sectors or industry dynamism, with a view to investing in high value businesses.

We aim to take advantage of market conditions that offer investment opportunities in accordance with our fundamental, technical, economic and quantitative analyses. We also have operational policies in place that allow us to take benefits, limit losses and increase or reduce positions.

As part of our added value offer, we have built important alliances that help us devise the best investment strategy, including in relation to tax, legal and financial aspects.

As a subsidiary of the Crèdit Andorrà Group, CA México Asesores Patrimoniales relies on national and international analysis through a management committee in Mexico and the LATAM committee. We also receive support in Europe from an economic and a sectoral perspective, which helps us to build a differentiating value proposition against our competitors.


This profile is made most of the time by 100% Fixed Income papers of high liquidity, low sensitivity and excellent credit rate. It is made for customers looking for an investment with moderate returns and minimal risk.


This profile is mainly made of fixed income with a slight exposure to equities, with papers of highly liquidity, low sensitivity and a wide range of corporate roles. It is made for customers seeking an investment with a return slightly above average and limited risk.


This profile is made of Fixed Income with exposure to equities with high liquidity papers, medium sensitivity and a wide range of corporate roles including those considered as "High Yield". It is made for customers seeking an investment with a higher return to traditional investments and moderate risk.


This profile is made of an exhibition of around 50% Fixed Income and Equities, with papers of high and low liquidity, high sensitivity and a wide range of corporate roles including those considered as "High Yield". It is made for customers seeking an investment with a superior return to traditional investment and medium high risk making the investment horizon should be at least 3 years.


This profile is made of a majority exposure to equities however, as its name indicates, if market conditions require may be entirely fixed income. It may invest in a broad range of corporate roles, hybrid instrument as well as pure currency. It is made for customers with high risk tolerance so the investment horizon should be at least 3 years.