Financial Investments

At CA México Asesores Patrimoniales we manage our clients’ investments with the aim of achieving returns that are consistent with their requirements, their expectations and, above all, their risk profile.

Fixed income

If your objective is to gain access to bond markets, we can provide you with a fixed income analysis and management platform. This solution is based on a management tool that will give you access to both the primary and secondary markets, always under a transparent execution approach.

When it comes to investing in complex assets, we offer advice that is tailored to suit your requirements.


As far as equity products are concerned, we provide a comprehensive service to our clients that ranges from fundamental analysis through to personalized portfolio management and company valuations.

Our goal is to guide you through the entire investment process, which means that we will take care of the strategy and the tactics involved in any investment.

Structured products

We offer a combined solution that takes into account all of the variables involved in structured products, in accordance with the risk-return profile of each client.

Structured products allow you to diversify, activate and filter risk, thus providing you with a tailored investment and a tax-efficient investment vehicle.

Investment funds

Using an open architecture structure and platform, we give our clients access to a wide range of funds. You will be able to choose between different geographical regions, asset types and management styles. Our aim is to provide you with the services of international managers and experts, to ensure that the products you invest in are suited to your profile, as well as offering optimal diversification.