Our management model

We review the client’s investment profile together with the client. This involves defining the level of risk the client is prepared to take, the time horizon for their investment and the requirements to be covered.

Moreover, within CA México Asesores Patrimoniales there is a management department whose main task is to analyze and manage the client’s wealth in accordance with the investment strategy defined, as well as to monitor and review the progress of each investment instrument over time.

We give priority to the preservation and protection of wealth

At CA México Asesores Patrimoniales we use a model that is based on investment in profitable and sustainable businesses, the search for short-term stability and long-term performance, combined with a clear preference for lower returns rather than the risk of incurring losses.

We protect our clients’ wealth by identifying their needs from a financial, legal and tax perspective.


When managing our clients’ portfolios we strive to ensure that their investments remain flexible against increasingly complex and changing market environments. Our aim is to offer a tailored management service that is suited to meet their preferences in terms of risk and management style, using the most appropriate investment vehicles.

A multidisciplinary service

This comprehensive approach to wealth management is made possible by the fact that the financial advisor is the client’s main point of contact. The financial advisor is also assisted by a team of experts, thereby allowing them to provide a multidisciplinary service to clients.

A comprehensive approach to wealth

At CA México Asesores Patrimoniales we take a comprehensive approach to the protection of our clients’ wealth, considering it from every angle. To this end, we enter into partnerships that allow us to diversify our services in the fields of business management, tax, real estate, financial assets and liabilities. In line with our transparency policy, we always inform our clients of the costs that these additional services may involve.